The term tear off/re-deck is a term commonly used by industry professionals, and it means to tear off the existing composition roof system installed over a wood shake shingle roof, and then remove the wood shingles, exposing the roof substrate, normally pine 1×4″s spaced 3  1/2″ known as skip deck is installed. It is then necessary to re-deck the roof area with 4×8 plywood, with or without the foil faced radiant barrier, or an Oriented Strand Board, or (OSB). There are many advantages to a re-deck. Wood Shake shingles are extremely dry, and extremely flammable, and just by removing them, and re-decking with plywood, or OSB, a home owner will save hundreds of dollars each year on home owner’s insurance. In some cases, the cost of the  home owner’s insurance will decrease by as much as 28% per year, just by removing the highly flammable wood shake shingles and re-decking. Chazown Roofing and Construciton LLC specializes in re-decks, and we’ll also take care of your home owner’s insurance company to help expedite the lower insurance rate.  (405) 808-0187