Attic Ventilation

It is very important to ensure your attic is adequately ventilated. If there is not adequate ventilation in your attic, your effective roofing lifespan is shortened substantially, depending on the severity of the lack of attic ventilation. If the attic temperatures get too high in the hot Oklahoma summers, without adequate ventilation in the attic/roof, the asphalt shingles can cup, and blister, and become brittle, and easily broken and damaged by winds and even small hail. This can cause expensive leaks during the Oklahoma storm season.

Another important reason to ensure your attic is adequately ventilated is to prevent the growth of dangerous mold in your attic. If moisture vapors become trapped in your attic due to poor ventilation, this moisture often can lead to dangerous mold. Once this mold is discovered, it can be very expensive to remove the mold, and all the drywall it’s growing on, and is very disruptive to the lives of the family living in the home.  Those risks are greatly reduced, simply by installing adequate ventilation on the roof and in the attic.

Chazown Roofing and Construction LLC offers many different styles of attic ventilation from electric and solar powered exhaust vents, to ridge vents, slanted exhaust vents, gable vents, turbines, flap vents, and of course soffit vents.

Chazown Roofing and Construction LLC offers free roof inspections, and attic ventilation assessments. Please call anytime to schedule your assessment. (405) 808-0187