Privacy Policy

Chazown Roofing and Construction LLC does collect personal information from clients and employees; however, that information is highly restricted, and used only for very limited and specific purposes. Examples of how personal information may be used include:

1. Billing and payment collection for contracts, products and services provided, and/or work performed.

2. Recommendations of products and services to meet client needs or project demands.

3. Assist clients receiving warranty information.

4. Scheduling. Any unpaid contract voids warranty.

5. Establish a vendor/client relationship.

6. Establish client accounts and maintenance records.

7.  Routine day to day business necessary for servicing client accounts or employee/employer relationships.

8.  In the case of employees, Chazown Roofing and Construction LLC will collect personal information to verify background, employment eligibility, and work experience to ensure that each employee meets our company standards and client needs before employment commences.

Chazown Roofing and Construction LLC does not share client, or employee information at any time, with any outside sources, business partners, or third parties unless directed to do so in compliance with applicable laws, legal process, or under subpoena. Chazown Roofing and Construction LLC may share client information with appropriate insurance agency, and/or vendors after the client requests warranty, in order to identify the client and waranty; however, such releases of information are minimal and shall contain only necessary information to identify the client and item or work for appropriate tracking purposes. At no time shall Chazown Roofing and Construction LLC sell, rent, or otherwise distribute client or employee information outside of our files kept in strict confidence at our home office for the purpose of marketing, tracking of consumer habits, or any other purpose not expressly listed above without an appropriate request from the client, employee, court, or government agency with competent jurisdiction whose request is determined by our legal counsel to be reasonable and valid.

At no time does Affordable Plumbing retain client payment information beyond the established limit required by any applicable law or banking regulation governing electronic payments submitted for collection.